Saturday, September 15, 2012

project: modellista

had the week off so i decided to try and build my evo model. i dont wanna cock it up so i figured i'd do a shit job on a test one first. thankfully trevor had a spare gt-r lying around so i could learn how to build these things. it's a white gt-r but i decided to spray it red ... and heres where it starts to go wrong...

The test model.

the bits and pieces

So painting the model is the most important part of the model and being a newbie i had a feeling i'd cock this up and true to my word i totally did hahah.
cleaning and spraying primer was fine and went without a hitch. when it came to applying paint.. my god i fucked it bad! i was using a metallic red which kinda resembles a candy apple red so that makes things tough already. the next problem is that you should do light coats and take your time. i didnt do any of that! so the body came out ok. but the front/rear bars and bonnet didnt turn out so great and a mini cyclone helped make things worst! i wasted a whole can trying to fix it but that didnt help much :(

its currently drying and im going to press forward. the valuable lessons i've learnt so far

  • Clean and prep the body very well
  • Dont spray thick coats, take your time and dont pick a windy ass day to spraypaint
  • Brake fluid is awesome for stripping paint
  • Dont for the love of god use metallic paint if its your first time 
i'm pretty sure this is going to be a disaster LOL

Friday, September 14, 2012

spank bank

damn these 2 girls are making multiple deposits in my spank bank! yikes!! sooo hot in normal clothes as well

Holly Michaels and Christy Mack 

project: nerd room

GOD i love annual leave! it gives me so much time to relax and work on various things... like blogging! as you can tell from the various posts today haha.

anyways, today i wanted to post up one of my works in progress which is the nerdroom i built up as a place to relax and spend countless hours trolling the internet ><

for a little backstory; the woman and i decided to take the plunge and move out to a 2 room townhouse. 1 room would obviously be the main bedroom or boomboom room as i like to call it ;) but what to do with the other room ?? it's a little small so wouldnt be ideal for another bed so I decided to turn it into a study that would house the computers and my figurines etc... thus the name nerd room was born :\

i wanted an all white fan to match our walls so the most cost effective plan was to go with ikea products.

The room is roughly 2500mm x 3500mm so I would fill the expedit up with text books and various collectibles. the Vika Annefors would house my PC and i would cut a 60x60 Vika Amon tabletop to rest above the Annefors. Finally, I would use a 2000mm Vika Amon tabletop with legs on one side and resting on top of a Vika Alex on the other. Chair mats would cover the carpet (which is in shitty condition) and allow movement of the chairs.

the total cost = $1000.00; pretty good to furnish a whole room

with the help of some friends and a power drill, we put all the pieces together in a flash haha. spent some time putting all the stuff together and heres the result


No idea how the last pic came out all warm! since I had the camera out i took a few pics of the figurines on display!

not quite an otaku room but give me some time and it could happen :x. the room is not finished yet as im still deciding on how to decorate the walls. i've got a few ideas that im going to experiment with so watch this space! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

project: road bike - to train or not to train

after moving out of my parents place, i've not had a place to ride cause its abit too risky with the drivers round ere.. not that i rode much anyway LOL.

had some left over cash for the month so i bought myself a trainer with hopes to give my legs a workout so that when i get the chance to ride outdoors i'd at least stay with the pack instead of being a complete disgrace to myself and my bike by dying and trailing behind like a granny at the lights.

after some advice, i decided to purchase the tacx sirius magnetic trainer, i've got it set up in my nerd room (future post on that) and with the massive backlog of tv shows i hope to ride and watch at least 2 nights a week. heres hoping! training starts on the 17th !

project: road bike - garmin

finally got off my ass and purchased a garmin edge 500. you gotta love the wiggle sales! red/black version with cadence and HR monitor for $300 AUD delivered winnar!

easy to install, although i wish the sensor unit wasnt so big. no matter, its all on now and i can monitor vital stats when i get off my ass and ride .................................................................................... one day LOL

project: HTPC nerdbox - ughhhh

since finishing the htpc project, i've built another 4 for my mates. although its straight forward, i did come across a few new things that racked my brain.

the first was that my htpc started to magically launch windows media center for no reason and would fuck up my remote control. you can close it using a mouse and keyboard but the point of the remote was to make these things somewhat redundant! anywho, to fix this i just removed wmc from the pc. 

the other, is finding an alternative to the windows media remote. since these were discontinued i've been having trouble finding a good alternative that will work well with the logitech harmony. im obviously after something thats cheap and works with xbmc. so if any readers out there have any suggestions please let me know!

The Reason U Kill For IT

A fusion of hip hop and skater culture, trukfit is the brainchild of lil wayne and mannnn do i want it! im a sucker for tee's from hip hop stars. Thankfully CULTUREKINGS in brisbane stock trukfit apparel! welcome to the shopping list :)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


i dont know the blogger policies but fuck it im bored and probably horny hahah

Monday, August 27, 2012

project: wii mod - Complete!

well that was a piece of cake! wii now modded and the gf is happily playing kirby and super mario.

i really have to thank the completesoftmodguide and twig for their great tutorials.
i've only extracted the parts i used but i have the feeling most people will be doing the same. I also worded it in a way i would understand if i was to do it again lol.


  • Freakin' wii
  • SD card - 1gb or more i'd say
  • Internet connection
  • PC with a SD card reader

Step 1 - Prep work

To make things easier, i figured its best to download everything first so that you only need to plug the sd card into the wii once.
  • Find out the firmware of your wii. In my case i had 4.3E, you can find this in the settings menu
  • Get the MAC address of your wii, in the network settings menu of your wii
  • Go to the  Hackmii website
  • Select your firmware, enter your MAC address and tick "Bundle my software"
  • Type in the stupid captcha word and cut a wire.. they both do the same shit so it doesnt matter what colour it is. 
  • It should download a file
  • Extract the contents to the root of your SD card

Thats the homebrew/letterbomb stuff done. Next you need to a patched IOS that allows you to install game backup managers etc.
  • Download the IOS236 installer here
  • On the SD card, create a folder called apps
  • Extract the file contents into there, the structure should be <your damn SD card>\apps\IOS236

IOS236 installer done, only 3 things left to download ... what a pain in the ass aye! now we need to download cIOS which is custom software to run 'backup games' ;)
  • download cios installer here. get the latest stable version
  • extract the contents into the apps folder on your SD card, structure should be  <your damn SD card>\apps\d2x-cios-installer
  • now download the latest cios version here. I went with v8 final
  • extract the contents into your cios installer folder on the SD card, structure should be  <your damn SD card>\apps\d2x-cios-installer\d2x-v8-final
Finally, you need to download USB Loader GX. this is the software required to run 'backup games' ;)
  • download the easy installer here
  • open the install file and extract contents to your sd card
Thats all the prep work done. moving into the next step!

Step 2 - Installing homebrew channel

With all the prep work done, we can start the fun stuff .... yeh right :\ 
  • Plug in the SD card into your wii
  • Go to the message board and find a red letter, select that shit
  • Wait for it to load and press 1 when you see the message at the bottom
  • You will see a menu with some important info about your Wii, basically if you see "can be installed" next to bootmii it means you are lucky enough to be able to protect your wii from becoming a brick. for the rest of us... we just have to run the risk, its a freakin' wii tho so who cares if it becomes a paperweight lol
  • Select install Homebrew Channel
  • Once complete, select Bootmii
  • Go to prepare a SD card
  • Then select install as Boot2 (if you were lucky to have "can be installed" earlier) or install as IOS for the rest of us
  • Go back to the main menu and exit, the wii will reboot and thats it for step 2

Step 3 - Install IOS236

With the homebrew channel installed we can now start to install the shit needed to be able to play "backup games" heheh
  • Start the homebrew channel on your wii
  • Select IOS236 installer
  • Press 1 to continue
  • Select Download IOS (make sure you've got wifi set up)
  • Select ... do not want to play pirate games. *wink wink* :D

Step 4 - Install cIOS software

Finally you install the custom software
  • Back into the homebrew channel
  • Select cIOS D2X installer, press A to continue
  • Change IOS base to 56
  • Change slot to 249
  • Press home button to queue up the install
  • Change IOS base to 57
  • Change slot to 250
  • Press home button again to queue up the install, look I really have no idea wtf this shit means... just do it lol
  • Press A to continue, press A again to install
  • Once complete, you will see a summary screen with the new installs shown in green.
  • Press A to continue then B to exit

You should be able to run USB loader GX on your wii via the homebrew channel!!

Theres a few ways to store/load backup games. I went with installing WFBS manager onto my PC and storing games on a spare USB HDD i had lying around. Its quite simple, you plug the shit into your PC, open WFBS manager, load the drive, select format then start dragging dropping your *.iso or *.rar files. Once added to the drive, plug it back into the wii and load it up via USB loader GX and off you go!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

project: wii mod

with the htpc done and dusted and the place almost finished (we're getting a new oven woo!~) i thought it was time to get off my ass and mod the girlfriends wii so we can relive some mario fun (i had been humming the tune a few times)

my good friend twig had a great guide to softmod wii's but it was a long time ago and we now have a newer wii so i found a later guide to use.

hopefully i dont brick this thing! will post an update once its done lol

ps. this new way of blogging sucks balls